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         Sizes ranging from 50mm to 10 meters diameter

         Working pressures up to 40 bar.

         With manual, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuator, including integrated control systems.

         Manufactured in cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and bronze.

         Protective coatings for use on ductile iron or carbon steel valves depending on the medium to be handled

         Can be lined with specialized ebonite rubber, epoxy resin or bituminous paints.


         Inline & terminal outlet flow control valves

         Single or multi-port caged outlet,

         Individually designed to suit your flow and pressure requirements.

Example, these 2 meter diameter submerged discharge valves supplied to the Great Man-Made River Authority in Libya.

Example 2000mm Diameter Spherical Valve, controlling water from high level storage to low level service reservoirs, avoid the need for intermediate level transfer basins.


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